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Ley Septic Service is a company that provides septic pumping services for Central Colorado. It is located in Pine, Colorado. We also service areas of Conifer Colorado, Evergreen Colorado, Bailey Colorado, And Morrison Colorado.  

Our services include septic tank pumping and RV park septic pumping. We also specialize in lift station pumping and repairs. Our team can assist you with septic system maintenance, septic tank inspections. We also specialize in all septic system repairs and troubleshooting.

The septic system is an important component of your property. Many property owners take it for granted. It is easy to overlook something when it doesn't happen every day. It's easy to assume that your system will work, but if it doesn’t, you must act quickly. Ley Septic Service is here to protect and maintain your septic system at the highest level.

We have several high-capacity pumps trucks, and a hands-on owner to help you with any complex septic system issues. Ley Septic Service can provide excellent service and advice, no matter if you are looking to pump your septic tank out or diagnose any problems you might be having with your system.

To schedule your septic service, please call (317-537-9304) or complete our online contact form. We'll be happy to assist you.


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Frequently Asked Septic System Questions

Questions About Your Septic System? See If They're Answered Here!

We have a 2500 gallon vacuum truck and a 3800 gal vacuum truck are available. We can pump grease traps, lift stations, and septic tanks of various sizes without making multiple trips. We can send two trucks if your tank is larger than our truck's capacity. We can pump your tank no matter how large it is.

This is a great question we get asked often. It's a good idea to have your tank pumped every 3 to 5 years. Your septic tank may need to be pumped more often if you live in a larger house with multiple bathrooms and a large family. Commercial properties should be pumped every year or have their septic system inspected at least once a year.

Pumping any septic tank that is part of a real estate deal is a smart idea. Before you buy a home or property with a septic system, make sure it is pumped and inspected.

In our Central Colorado service area, there are many types of septic systems. Before we can pump or service your system, it is helpful to know which type you have.

  • Conventional Septic Systems

  • Chamber Systems.

  • Drip Distribution Systems

  • Aerobic Treatment Units

  • Mound Systems.

We can tell you what kind of system you have if you don't know when you arrive.

That's a great question! For a family of four, it's usually every 3-5 years. Pump-outs can be more frequent if you have multiple bathrooms or a suite. Other than the time between each pump-out, there are other indicators you should look for.

  • Are you experiencing sewage backups in your home?

  • Are you noticing foul odors coming from your tanks and septic fields?

  • Are you seeing water seeping into your septic tank?

Another way to determine if your tank is full of scum or sludge is to remove the lid. The scum layer should be at the top of your tank. It should not exceed 8-10 inches in depth. The sludge layer is at the bottom of your tank. It should not be more than 12 inches in depth. You can check these levels with a pipe length of at least 10 feet or any other measuring tool. If you need septic pumping services, we can help.

All of our trucks come with 200 feet of vacuum hose. We can pump out your septic tanks if we can get our truck within 200 feet of them. If the distance is more than 200 feet, we can send our driver with extensions. As it is easy for a heavy septic truck to get stuck in the grass, we try to stay off of your grass. Please let the driver know if you have a preferred route that you would like us to take on your property.

Yes. We do. We can perform a complete septic inspection if you have any questions or are experiencing problems with your system. We can inspect the tank and drain fields, as well as the pump and distribution boxes.

Although we can sometimes pump out your RV in certain circumstances, we try to avoid doing so. We might be able to help you if your RV is located on a route that we already service or in an RV park we already serve. You can call our office at (720) 312 7084 if your RV needs to be pumped.

Absolutely not! We are often called out to clean out septic tanks that are overflowing into customers' homes on a nearly weekly basis. Baby wipes can often cause problems. While a few wipes won't cause any problems, a large number of wipes can clog up your system and cause backups as well as potential damage. This is a bad idea.

Tap To Call (720) 312-7084 OR Request Your Service Now!

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